Honouring Your Last Wishes

Most of our lives are spent working hard to build our assets – a home, car, business or superannuation. These assets are what provide us with the lifestyle and security we want for ourselves and our families.

After all that hard work don’t you want to be certain your assets are passed on to the people of your choice?

And it doesn’t need to be time consuming or costly! Come in and see just how easy it can be.

Our estate planning specialists can help protect your estate by making a perfect will to suit your exact wishes.

We discuss with you at length all matters of concern regarding your financial position. We can then help you plan the division of your assets and any requirements as to such matters as insurance and or any potential liability with regards to Capital Gains Tax upon your death.

By simply having a well thought out legal will in place you provide security for those you love the most and can save them unnecessary hardship and heartache.

A Will is a legal document that details how you wish your assets to be distributed when you die. If you do not have a Will then you are said to die intestate and the Succession Act 2006 makes provision for the distribution of your assets. However, that distribution may not be the distribution you may have hoped for.

Accordingly a Will will ensure that your wishes are complied with.

The Will not only deals with the distribution of your assets but can also deal with issues regarding organ donation and the cremation or burial of your body.

A Will also be a useful mechanism for dealing with the transfer of your assets to your loved ones by way of a testamentary trust which can provide certain asset protection. Should you wish to discuss Wills and Estate Planning please do not hesitate to contact 02 4228 5911.