Apprehended Violence Orders

Apprehended Violence Orders or AVO’s are Orders, made by the Court, that are designed to protect a person or persons from future acts of violence.

The Court aims to deter the commission of future acts of violence by listing a number of things a defendant must not do.

There are serious consequences for the breach of an AVO.

An AVO can be instigated by the Police or by a private citizen for differing reasons, however there must be actual violence or a real threat of violence, that is, a person must be genuinely fearful for there safety.

Violence in an AVO context can involve emotional or physcological violence.

In a family law context the Family Court can issue similar orders, in this case known as Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders or ADVO’s.

Maguire & McInerney Partner and Family Law Accredited Specialists Mick Davies has a wealth of experience with AVO’s and ADVO’s in both the Local and Family Courts.

If you are fearful of somebody in your life who you genuinely believe plans to do you harm you should seek the assistance of the Police immediately.

Alternatively, telephone our office and speak with Mick Davies. Mick is also very well placed to defend AVO proceedings brought against a person who has had an application wrongly made against them.

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