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Maguire & McInerney have experience across all areas of business law, ranging from business transactions to commercial contracts, business structuring, insolvency, debt recovery, franchising, mergers and acquisitions, and all other facets of commercial law.

As your business inevitably expands and your business structure and objectives change, your company or business will encounter a wide variety of legal hurdles. An experienced business lawyer can help you navigate the laws of the business world and minimise risk by offering strategic insights and clear guidance to safeguard your business and assist you in working towards your business goals.

Business Structuring & Restructuring

If you are starting a new business, we can assist you implement the right business structure from the very beginning in order to streamline your operations. This sets the foundation for asset protection, whether you want to create a business that will be set up as a joint venture, a trust, a company, a partnership, or whether you are simply a sole trader.

Similarly, if you need to restructure your business at any time, we can provide sound advice and ensure that you understand all the legal implications of doing so. Business restructuring is often a wise move for a variety of reasons. A restructure might allow the company to grow, help minimise tax, or simply protect business assets.

Our business lawyers can help to quickly identify which business structure is best for your company or business, as well as provide you with the right tools and processes to restructure as efficiently as possible when the time comes.

Commercial Contracts & Agreements

Business contracts are a crucial part of running any organisation. They are a critical means of ensuring that various agreements between stakeholders remain valid and in place. Yet contracts need to cover many different facets of business agreements. Failing to consult a contract lawyer and include all the necessary components within an agreement can leave your business vulnerable to disputes or legal issues later on.

With such a broad range of contracts available covering various business transactions and agreements, it is crucial to have an experienced business lawyer on your side with an in-depth understanding of contract litigation.

Ensuring that you receive the correct advice on a business contract at the outset will mean that you are less likely to have to deal with problems at a later stage leaving you free to work in your business. It provides business owners peace of mind, reduces the risk of disputes, and reassures management that business is being done safely and securely.

Business Dispute Resolution

Even the most prominent and well-structured businesses have to deal with disputes from time to time. Many business disputes occur due to poorly drafted contracts or inappropriate business structures that fail to protect the company assets adequately.

Some business disputes can also occur when companies fail to disclose information to consumers when required, or when they do not create adequate privacy policies or terms and conditions to correctly comply with obligations as are necessary under Australian Consumer Law.

Regardless of the source of your dispute, our experienced commercial lawyers can deal with all manner of cases when it comes to disputes, and, if need be, confidently prosecute your position or your case.

Insolvency & Debt Recovery

Whether you are a business trying to recover a debt or you are facing insolvency, dealing with financial troubles can be incredibly stressful for a business. Our team of expert insolvency lawyers can help you navigate these difficult financial situations and assist you in understanding your rights throughout every stage of the process.

Receivership, administration and liquidation can involve complex legal processes, and, if a company is in financial difficulty, it is crucial that business owners and other stakeholders fully understand these processes. A skilled corporate solicitor can help you understand your options and pursue the best course of action.

Whether you need assistance creating a Letter of Demand or filing a Statement of Claim in order to begin proceedings for debt recovery, Maguire & McInerney can help. We can also advise you on the best way to approach the Small Claims Court and can assist you in making a claim.

Our Approach to Business & Company Law

Maguire & McInerney work with businesses on all levels, from large corporations to small start-ups, local businesses, SMEs, franchises, and more. Yet we do more than just help our clients manage risk and solve legal problems – we provide ongoing advice for businesses to help them minimise risk and improve business performance.

Many of our corporate and commercial clients have a long history with our firm, and they often regard us as helpers or guides in their businesses. Always accessible and responsive, we aim to be a sounding board for clients – a valuable and trusted resource that allows them to discuss matters openly and explore new opportunities. Such close involvement allows us to foresee and address problems before they arise.

Using the right mix of strategic insight combined with tactical advice, we provide practical and flexible business solutions to help clients achieve not only their current goals but their future potential. When it comes to commercial litigation, at Maguire & McInerney, we will not leave you with a complex legal response. We will provide you with the answers you need, and present you with a range of options, clearly and succinctly.

We can also assist with employment law matters including employment contracts and help you to sustain a safe and productive work environment for your employees.

If you need advice on a business law issue, or you would like to learn more about our services, get in touch with one of our top corporate lawyers, Mark McDonald, Brendan Pearce or Alyce Fisher today. We operate in the Wollongong area and wider Illawarra as well as Greater Sydney.

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Restructuring a business involves changing core tenets of operation, often to improve process and profits. Depending on the type of restructure that occurs, there are different processes to follow and agencies to notify. If you’re looking to restructure, contact the Business & Company Law team at Maguire & McInerney to discuss your options.

When a business is unable to pay its bills and debts, it becomes insolvent. Once a business becomes insolvent, it can no longer trade.

There are multiple ways to structure a business, including as a sole trader, a company or a partnership. Each structure has varying tax and legal implications.

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