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Our firm has been providing successful legal services to many thousands of people over many years who have suffered injuries in Motor Vehicle Accidents.

It is important to note that any road user who is injured in an accident can make a claim if they were the driver, passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist, pillion passenger or a pedestrian. In particular, it does not matter who was at fault, an injured person can claim an early payment of up to $5,000.00 for medical expenses and/or lost earnings. Additional benefits are also then able to be claimed if the injuries were caused by the fault of another driver, or if the injuries were partly your fault and partly someone else’s fault, and even in circumstances where there was a ‘blameless’ accident.

Where the claimant was partly at fault, damages or payments may be reduced depending on the claimant’s level of fault in the accident, but that does not mean that a claim should not be brought.

‘Blameless’ accidents occur when the driver of a vehicle might suffer a sudden illness such as a heart attack or a stroke or a vehicle has an unexplained mechanical or other problem such as brake failure.

Benefits can also be claimed on behalf of an injured child up to 16 years of age, regardless of who caused the accident.

It is also possible in certain circumstances to make a claim if a close relative dies in an accident caused partly or completely by another driver.

The Motor Accidents Scheme also provides a system for Life Time Care and Support to anyone catastrophically injured in an accident, regardless of fault.

These are all matters in which Maguire & McInerney has great expertise and many years experience and it is always best to obtain legal advice when dealing with insurers in these difficult circumstances

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