Occupiers Liability

People sometimes injure themselves on public or private property. In some circumstances, the owner or occupier of land might be liable for injuries that have been suffered. Sometimes injuries occur where it appears that no one is responsible but it may still be that the owner or occupier of that land is negligent and that can result in a successful claim. Of course, where we bring a claim on behalf of a person who was injured on public or private land it is up to us on behalf of that injured person to prove the owner or occupier was negligent. If you have an enquiry in that regard you should contact us to discuss whether you might have a claim, as soon as possible after the injury is suffered. This will allow us to gather and protect all of the evidence in its original form and also obtain information from you while it is fresh in your memory. Another reason why it is important to contact us as soon as possible is because there is a limit on the time we have to bring a claim on your behalf against the person that is liable for your injury.

A claim for injury suffered on public or private property may include compensation for past loss of wages or loss of wages that you may incur into the future. You may also be entitled to payment for your medical expenses and also the continuing medical expenses that you are likely to incur in the future. If you require care, we may also be able to make a claim for the cost of care after the date of the claim and for the cost of care long into the future. In some cases we are also able to make a claim for your pain and suffering.

It is not always easy to bring a claim against an owner or occupier, however with our experience and commitment we make the process much easier. We have Solicitors that are experienced in this area that successfully win claims for and against owners, occupiers and their insurers.

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