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Putting your affairs such as your Will and Estate Planning in order is a practical way of ensuring you and your loved ones have peace of mind, today. Maguire & McInernery has trusted and experienced Wills and Estate Planning Lawyers in Wollongong who can help. They are Estate Planning Specialists that are able to provide you with the important advice that you need.

Most of our lives are spent working hard to build our assets – and provide security for ourselves and our families. After all that hard work surely you want to be certain your assets are passed on to the people of your choice.

A Will is a legal document that distributes your assets when you die. Providing peace of mind and reassurance, a legal Will ensures that when you die, your wishes are respected.

Our Estate Planning Specialists will assist in every step of preparing a proper Will. We get an understanding of your personal circumstances and advise when you should have a Will and how to draft your will.

We assist you to plan the division of your assets and advise on insurance and any Capital Gains Tax issues which might arise. We ensure every detail is covered including what assets go in your Will, choosing who should be executor of your Will and how Wills work with existing trusts.

Your Will deals with the distribution of your assets, but it can also cover details regarding organ donation and the cremation or burial. In situations involving more substantial inheritances, we have expertise in advising and preparing more complex Testamentary Trust Wills to provide certain asset protection.

When people die without a Will, they are said to die ‘intestate’. In this situation, the Succession Act 2006 makes provision for the distribution of assets. However, as the law is general – it’s unlikely to yield the specific way one may want their assets to be distributed.

Preparing a Will doesn’t need to be time consuming or costly.

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