Workers Compensation

Maguire & McInerney have been one of the most experienced solicitors in the Illawarra working in the area of Worker’s Compensation for over 75 years. We are available to advise on all aspects of Worker’s Compensation and to advise either employers or employees as to rights, duties and obligations in the workplace in relation to Worker’s Compensation Issues.

If you have been injured in the Workplace or while travelling to or from work it is important that you obtain clear legal advice so that you can understand your rights and responsibilities under the Workers Compensation Legislation. The NSW Government has introduced legislation that provides for workers to be paid wages if they are unable to work because of an injury that they have suffered in the workplace. Furthermore, if you have been injured while at work you may also be entitled to medical expenses, rehabilitation and lump sums for permanent impairment and pain and suffering.

In some circumstances you may also be entitled to bring a claim in negligence against your employer or what is sometimes called a “common law claim”.

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