Why You Should Always Use A Solicitor

In The Housing Market?

Here’s Why It Pays To Use A Solicitor

The offer on your dream home has just been accepted, congratulations! But before you start hunting for décor, there are some things you might want to know first. The transfer and ownership of property can be a highly complex maze of paperwork and protocol. And with such a significant purchase, now’s not the time for making DIY mistakes. Here are some key ways you’ll benefit by engaging a solicitor with expertise in conveyancing.


When it comes to buying and selling property, the solicitor’s role can best be described as the person who oversees all legal aspects of the transaction. Your solicitor will ensure that all your property ownership and transfer affairs are 100 per cent in order.

Your solicitor acts on your behalf throughout the entire process of buying and selling property. He/she handles tasks such as reviewing the Contract of Sale, timelining the transaction to ensure deadlines are met, and ensuring all necessary documents are completed and lodged. Plus, he/she takes care of all the heavy-lifting for you by liaising with your bank, as well as your buyer or vendor’s legal team.

But this list barely scratches the surface. The mark of an experienced solicitor is found in his or her ability to anticipate some of the most complex issues in transferring property, and their plan of attack. When talking to your solicitor, don’t be afraid of asking about their prior experience especially around dealing with banks – as well as their ability in a range of different property transactions such as auctions and private sales.

A period of (5) five business days after a Contract is signed in which the purchaser can walk away without a financial penalty.

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The transfer of property is an area where miniscule discrepancies and human errors will have major consequences. Unfortunately, conveyancing is one of the few things in life that cannot be done through an at-home DIY kit.

The best solicitors operate with organisational and efficiency superpowers! It’s essential for the job; liaising with multiple parties, preparing and lodging paperwork correctly while staying ahead of legislation changes and industry reform, is a time-consuming vocation. Ask yourself, can you take on all this red tape and responsibility without affecting your current commitments?


With such specialised legal knowledge in all aspects of property transactions, a solicitor can spot hidden contractual problems like unpaid rates or land tax still owing on a property, or even if the property is involved some long-standing dispute.

These are serious issues that might call for legal representation. At Maguire & McInerney Lawyers, you can breathe easy knowing you’re in the capable hands of our highly-qualified and experienced team. If your property transfer encounters any major problems, you won’t be faced with the financial burden of engaging a separate lawyer to act on your behalf.

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